About Company Man Design

Who/What Is Company Man Design?

Company Man Design is a graphic design / web design company based in San Antonio, Texas.

We are small core outfit with the capacity to expand via a tight, well-vetted network of professionals, making possible any design assignment from corporate identity to illustration. By working office-free and valuing high volume, we offer your organization high-quality work at a billing rate that other designers and certainly traditional design firms can’t (or won’t) match. We offer a wide range of print, web, and digital design services as well as art and writing services that other designers and firms can’t (or won’t) offer.

What’s behind the name?

Deciding upon a company name is never a step to be taken lightly. For a design company—no less one that specializes in branding companies—the task is vastly more important.

Initially, then future Company Man Design Primary, Thomas McAuley, looked at the work he’d produced over his then 15+ year career. He had built impressive corporate brandingtrade show designwebsite design , and other design portfolios. He had developed experience in a wide variety of industries, but had inadvertently gained a strong specialization in healthcare. These were great but that was the meat-and-potatoes work that other designers and design firms may also have.

Understanding that a company name should focus on the qualities setting it apart from its competitors, Thomas McAuley then turned his attention, similarly, to surveying what set him apart from other designers, leadership, and organizations he’d worked with.

At this point, the good stuff emerged.

The still-unnamed organization would reflect the business values and behaviors that he had strived for: honesty, loyalty, fairness, a strong work ethic, providing value, and proactive communication. It would create, adhere to, and protect corporate branding and perform all work and the business related to it as if it were as important as his current task—as if it were his own company.

At his core, Thomas understood he was a driven by this personal dedication to his clients satisfaction. After some hours of brainstorming, he settled on the notion of the “company man”, an employee loyal to his employer, sometimes to a perilous degree. 

Company Man Design was born.

Our Promise
Company Man Design Will

Work smart
& efficiently

Communicate clearly
and proactively

Protect your corporate identity

Design appropriately
to the task
Listen attentively
and actively
Provide real,
relevant value

Above all else, protect your corporate identity and your business goals as if they were our own.

About Company Man Design Primary, Thomas McAuley

Company Man Design was founded by Thomas McAuley, a San Antonio Graphic and Web Designer / Art Director hailing from Middle Tennessee. Thomas studied Graphic Design and Advertising at historic Franklin, Tennessee’s O’More College of Design (now Belmont University located in Nashville). Prior to starting Company Man Design, Thomas’s graphic design career included:

  • Boutique design studio, Valentino Design (Nashville)
  • Ericson Marketing, at the time one of the largest advertising agencies in the in South (Nashville, TN)
  • Early-adopter website design firms Digital Dog Design (Nashville) and ICG Link (Brentwood, TN)

As the primary graphic designer, Thomas performs much of the work himself. However, regardless of volume, he art directs, coordinates, and closely oversees all projects, utilizing well-vetted designers, programmers, developers, photographers, and more to ensure timely and quality work. Thomas will personally, proactively, and clearly communicate with you about progress as well as any changes, obstacles, or opportunities that reveal themselves at every point during work.

Primary, Graphic and Web Designer, Art Director: Thomas McAuley

Thomas McAuley

Graphic and Web Designer,
Art Director, and Primary

Company Man Design
San Antonio

Company Man Design Specializes In (But Is Not Limited) To Healthcare
Healthcare-centric, you ask? Logo Mark: Punching Nun GroupIf you noticed that our design portfolios are pretty healthcare-weighted, good eye! While it’s is true that Company Man Design has worked closely with Punching Nun Group, a plug-in marketing company based out of historic Franklin, TN, on many healthcare and healthcare-peripheral accounts, we also have a lot of experience in many other industries: ceramics, shipping, real estate, nail salon, hockey coaching, country music, to name a few. So we’re not a one-note design company limited to a healthcare-specific design style or aesthetic. That said, if you ARE in healthcare or a related organization, given our vast recent design experience, you could do worse than going with the proven Company Man Design / Punching Nun Group 1-2 punch for all of your branding, collateral, website, trade show design work, and other marketing work.
Bad Design Rescue Service

Rescuing bad design and reversing bad design experiences.

There’s a lot of bad design out there. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of bad designers out there, too—unethical, prideful, flakey, etc.—which leads to bad design experiences. Though we’d rather not have, we have become something of specialists in fixing, correcting, and rescuing bad design and by following their bad design experiences with good ones. 


Or, if this is your story, on behalf of the graphic design / website design industry, I’m sorry. Let’s talk it through then get started or re-started in the right direction.