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Branded Merchandise

Branded Merchandise Gallery

The difficulty with designing branded merchandise isn’t only that the designer has to think three-dimensionally where he/she is probably more accustomed to designing for the  two-dimensional page or screen: it’s that they don’t do it every day. Most designers are more confident working on a complex design project they’ve done a lot as opposed to simpler one they’ve never touched before. Ebooks, multi-page documents, trade show displays, websites, or any other complex design projects were daunting the first few times we took them on. But we made our mistakes, streamlined work, and found ways to improve quality along the way. Soon, all the considerations and steps to producing them were second-nature, if not ever what one would call simple.

Branding merchandise is not one kind of job but as many types of job as there are things an organization can put their logo, tagline, and/or message on. Water bottles, keychains, mouse pads, rulers, and any other gadgets and knick-knacks you’ve seen at events, conventions, trade shows, grocery stores, etc. And every one of these jobs has its own print area, print resolution, and color limitations or translations. Additionally, designers are accustomed to printing on paper with ink, but with merchandise branding, you’re more likely to have your logo stamped, sewn, engraved, and many even stranger “printing” methods.

There may be a customer tendency, even a designer tendency to think of the small-sized jobs as easier. But as I’ve written about business cards digital ads, just the opposite is often true. So let Company Man Design brand the merchandise for your next event or giveaway. We’ve branded about every kind of merchandise imaginable and by using our network of trusted, quality vendors, we take the worry away, getting the job done on time and on-budget.