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Corona Projects

Do Your Part. Stay Home. Do Art!!

So, as a vaccine against haters like Mr. Virus, I’ve posted a few fun things below for young folks to do during this war on Mr. Virus.

Mr. Virus is a meanie with NO sense of humor.
He doesn’t like art.
He doesn’t like children.
He doesn’t even like grandparents.

He coughs without covering his mouth.
He touching things with his dirty virus hands
and he NEVER washes them!

And he says…

bloghero corona projects02 | Corona Projects


 How Smart Kids Win 
With Brainy Projects and Pastimes

Story Time

c220d5732f200e3b456f26e159eaa2fa | Corona Projects
Oliver Jeffers reads one of his children’s books per day (on his Instagram stories).

Learn to Draw

9d9ffd36daf67ee990a1204c72c9253a | Corona Projects
The wonderful Wendy MacNaughton is giving short drawing lessons (on her Instagram stories).

Daily Project

57aa718dd0617a55f4e6b38fceb9093a | Corona Projects
Carson Ellis created the Quarantine Art Club and posts an art assignment to work on each day.

Make Movies

5bc991d13d1922ed54423f8172ccf2be | Corona Projects
If you would like to make your own stopmotion films, checkout the tutorial by the delightful Dorobot (in her instagram stories).

Drawing Ideas

564d9d6fbc77532405828400af77b201 | Corona Projects

Little Women

4d3947f9f9209330ca12f67a588db66a | Corona Projects
If you follow Eva-Lotta on Instagram, you might have seen this already on International Women’s day: She created a template with lots of little ladies for you to create your own crazy crew of women.

Past Events

Draw Little People with Eva-Lotta Lamm on Instagram

Eva-Lotta Lamm, a German Illustrator and Visual Thinker, thought it would be nice to draw a bit together. She invited children to meet up on her Instagram for a live drawing session to play around with little people and draw some weird and wonderful characters together.The event took place Wednesday, April 15th, at 6pm Berlin time / 11am Central.

09c01acd78fffff8876e02f5da55ee43 | Corona Projects

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