Corporate Identity / Branding

Branding and Rebranding Is Our Specialty.

Company Man Design specializes in corporate identity, branding, and rebranding. From your corporate logo design and stationery, to corporate website design, collateral materials, to support for special projects when your business is ready to take your marketing efforts to the next level: trade shows, billboards, hitting social media and all of its graphical needs, and so much more—Company Man Design should be your go-to.

Design Experience

Over more than 2 decades , we’ve helped scores of companies develop or rework their corporate identities. We know the right questions to ask your organization so we can hit the correct design notes to present you with branding that your prospective clients will respond positively to.

A Company’s Typical Graphic Design Needs

Typically a new company will need a corporate logo designed first. Once the logo is finalized, it’s time for business cards and the rest of the stationery set. From there, design needs are specific to each client. One sales-oriented company may need a series of web ads and social media graphics while another needs print advertisement and signage for their brick-and-mortar location. A mom-and-pop business may only need business cards and handouts while a large healthcare company will likely have a much more expansive range of needs including everything from sales sheets, case study sheets, company and product overviews to trade show displays and vehicle fleet graphics. And there are always the special case and ongoing needs, like event posters and flyers.

Corporate Identity and Branding Samples