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Packaging Design

Packaging design—the design of boxes, bottles, stickers, wraps, and more—presents a couple unique challenges to a designer.

The design normal considerations apply:

  • Creating a strong, attention-grabbing design
  • Showcasing the client’s corporate identity
  • Selling the specifics of the product itself; and,

But the designer must also consider

  • Imparting multiple blocks of directional and legal information; and, most importantly,
  • Achieving all of this, not in 2 dimension, but for 3-dimensional items that will possibly be handled, turned, stacked, shipped, etc.

The bottom line is that packaging design is not for the amateur or inexperienced designer. Company Man Design has the confidence and experience to design your packaging so that it tastefully stands out while communicating your company identity, all while standing up to whatever the real world might throw at it.