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Sales Sheets, Case Studies, etc.

Sales Sheet Design Gallery

The simple 8 1/2 x 11 sheet remains one of the most-utilized media for direct and indirect marketing. It’s hand-held and immediate and if designed well can store a wealth of information, images, and contact information.

Sales Sheets

Sales sheets give prospective clients overviews of your products, services, and your company itself as well as how to see more online, and how to engage with you. They should strongly support your corporate identity as well as establish a targeted connection between the information being offered and the demographic to which it will be presented. The viewer’s eye will start at a predictable point and flow through the content until the call-to-action is reached.

Case Study Sheets

Case study sheets are testimonials on steroids. They present your customer’s successful experience by stating their starting point, your role in their improvement, proof of that improvement, and a statement of the client’s analytical and emotional takeaways in their own words. Similar to sales sheets, case study sheets will lead the viewer’s eye through relevant and persuasive information to a clear call-to-action. Case studies are strong tools for the hope and security they offer your prospective clients.

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