Trade Show Design

Trade show design requests can range from a simple web ad to a comprehensive campaign with ads, vertical banner, backwalls, invitations, collateral handouts, branded merchandise, signage, and landing web page design and support, and more.

The one thing all trade show design has in common is theme. Most trade shows are a rare opportunity to present a very focused campaign idea. You’ll push the most applicable product or service. Or you’ll introduce your company as a player in the trade show’s focus  segment. Whatever it is, that campaign identity must stand alone AND fit nicely with or within your corporate identity. To make matters worse, trade shows often have their own theme, adding a third level of complexity.

Only an experienced professional designer can next these three elements and still make it all look unforced. 

All of this is necessary before a single piece is produced. And each piece of a trade show presentation has its own unique production methods, challenges, and considerations. The bottom line with preparation for trade shows is there are a lot of moving pieces, none of it is cheap, and it’s all done under a strict deadline. 

Company Man Design has done it all. Let us give you a cohesive, full set of materials specific to your next trade show event.

Trade Show Design Gallery
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