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Trade Show Design

Trade Show Design Gallery
Trade shows are an important opportunity to promote a focused campaign that introduces and highlights your company’s headline product or service. Depending upon the event, your needs might fall anywhere from just a simple web ad all the way to a comprehensive campaign that includes ads, vertical banners, backwalls, invitations, collateral handouts, branded merchandise, signage, and landing web page design and support, and more. No matter the scenario, there are a lot of moving parts. Creating a cohesive and complementary campaign, maintaining your corporate identity, establishing a separate yet complementary trade show theme, and hand-holding each piece through its own unique production path should only be left to an experienced graphic designer / art directory. Trade show production is pricey and with all too common last-minutes deadlines, you can’t afford to do things twice. Thomas McAuley has done it all with 30+ trade shows supported since 2013 to his credit.