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Website Complexity

There is little else in design that rivals the complexity of a website project.

First, websites bring together the worlds of corporate identity, and digital design. Then they often incorporate all manner of graphical elements design, such as icon sets, photo and infographics. Add to all of that a plethora of website-specific considerations:

• Coding
• Responsiveness
• Viewing Devices Differences
• Browser Differences
• SSL Security
• Search Engine Optimization
• Analytics
• Tracking
• Forms
• Animation
• Dynamic Elements
• Styling
• Video
• Hosting
• Maintenance
• Web Visibility
• Internal and External Linking
and on and on

Websites Are Worth the Investment

It’s not difficult to see the complexity so it’s not difficult to see the need to invest wisely in a design company that can handle the complexity at all levels—from concepting and wireframing, to design and development, to publication and all of your site’s ongoing edits, updates, and modifications.

Company Man Design has nearly 20 years of experience designing, building, and promoting websites of all degrees of complexity, for all sizes of clients in a wide range of industries.

Vertically-Integrated Website Design

There is no substitute for keeping your look and feel consistent with all other aspects of your designed/branded presence in the marketplace than relying on one company—especially one who has created your corporate identity—to artfully and tastefully design, custom develop, maintain, and host your corporate website design and development. It is the definition of a good investment. Contact Company Man Design today to get started with your new or facelift website design.

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