Poster Design

Posters are also among the most effective items to grab viewer attention. They are big, colorful, and in your face, not to mention relatively inexpensive. For these reasons, poster design is almost always fun for the designer and satisfying on a number of levels for the client.

However, they aren’t without their particular design and production challenges. As with most design, amateurs or less-experienced designers exhibit “white space* anxiety”, wanting to fill a poster corner-to-corner with text, images, or other detail until the viewer’s eye is left with no clear starting point or natural flow. On the production side, larger-sized requires specialty vendors, heavier stock, and mounting and framing. Higher-end and artistic projects may also call for screen printing or printing on alternative substrates like aluminum, glass, etc.

Since posters are such a good value-for-effect proposition, let Company Man Design handle the design, production, and delivery of your posters to ensure optimal quality and effect.

See White Space Is A Beautiful Thing

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