Publication Design

Publication Design is any print or digital multi-page document (white papers, annual reports, booklets, catalogs, ebooks, interactive fiction, etc.). Because of their size and being spread across many pages, publications require more planning, custom image creation, and shuffling of elements than about any other design projects. Their complexity also of production, publication design should be left to experienced professionals like Company Man Design.

Print Publication

White Papers

As Google puts it, a white paper is an “authoritative report giving information or proposals on an issue.” It is a multi-page document that is too often thought of as dry and direct, but white papers present your organization opportunities to influence readers, whether current or prospective customers.

Annual Reports

Due to their complexity and volume of content, annual reports rival website design in their magnitude. As such, they tend to fall into two categories: poorly designed, usually because the client organization relies on a cheap designer or a design firm that has bid so low that the work falls in priority; or well-designed but ultra-expensive because the client organization has gone with the biggest national design firms. Let Company Man Design produce a report that  maintains and grows  shareholder confidence.


In addition to the shared considerations of publication design, catalogs present additional unique design challenges: managing large amounts of data; coordinating quality, consistent product and/or portrait photography; and developing multiple templates for all common page types. Let Company Man Design produce a well-designed catalog that targets your customer demographic. 

Digital Publications


The technical learning curve of designing and producing an ebook can be daunting, even for and experienced designer. The challenge is multiplied for authors with zero design experience.

Company Man Design is the perfect fit for your ebook design. Our primary, Thomas McAuley, has years of writing experience and had designed and produced multiple ebooks. So not only can we layout your words themselves, as a marketing-focused design company, we can approach the design of your ebook in artful and sales-minded  manner so you’re not writing just for the love of it.

Interactive Works

Provide us with a story map or a finished IF work in any common software program and we’ll collaborate with you to produce your interactive fiction work. We will work with your photographers and illustrators or coordinate work with those in our professional network. Our founder is a writer and writer advocate so you know your work is in good hands.

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