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By Thomas McAuley, Primary, Company Man Design.

Second only to my love of graphic and web design has been my love of writing. Fortunately, solid writing skills combined with marketing and design sensibilities results in a one-stop-shop for good marketing copy. As a lover of both effective marketing and well-chosen words, I produce targeted copy that carries the tone and quality your organization seeks.

Writing Services: Hands on KeyboardCopywriting and Copy “Fixing”

Whether you need new copy, revisions, or improvements to existing copy, rely on CMD to convey your message with strong, concise language aimed dead-center at your target demographic.

Feature and Editorial Writing

We take your research and collaborate with you to craft feature-length stories to speak with your voice directly to your target audience—readers and publication alike. We deliver content on time and on-spec.

Creative Fiction and Non-fiction

We have experience on both sides of the fiction/non-fiction aisle. We work with you to achieve engaging, clean creative narrative that publishers crave.


In our opinion, everyone has a story in them. But the reality is not everyone has a writer in them. That’s where CMD Writing Services comes to your rescue.

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  • Copywriting
  • Features & Editorials
  • Copy Fixing
  • Creative Fiction / Non-Fiction
  • Essays & Reports
  • Professional Reviews
  • Ghostwriting
  • Greeting / Holiday Card Copy

Digital Design Services

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