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“I’ve been doing website design since 2000.”
That statement tends to make prospective clients react in one of two ways, both of which start with, “Wow!” The first group says it, then I can see that they’re a little put off, like how could he create a current website if he was doing it when I was born. (That was a hint.) This group is usually comprised of other designers.



I get it. I was a young designer once and the thought of my dad — anyone with a wrinkle may has well have been my dad — giving his input on any of the cool things I was hoping I’d design someday. I wasn’t thinking at the time about corporate website design and the importance of mastering all of its present and future nuances.

The second group, however, says, “Wow!” and gets a different look in their eyes. These are the entrepreneurs, business people of all levels of experience. They hear that many years of experience and more than 100 websites to my credit and they want to know how I can help them achieve a better Internet presence.

They’re the ones around whom I’ve built my entire career. They’re the ones who appreciate my mastery of corporate website design and all those ever-changing nuances.

An aside concerning my vast experience with website design specifically for healthcare and healthcare-peripheral organizations

The majority of my work since 2012 has been specifically for organizations in or related to healthcare. This is worth mentioning because, as with any industry, it is very important to be cognisant there are certain image, textual, and symbolic “notes”.

Failing to do so in any graphic design creates in the viewer a level of discomfort they may not even consciously be aware of. Consider making that mistake with a printed sales sheets: not a perfect situation but one that can be corrected easily relative to a corporate website, whose vastly greater time and monetary investment often makes a wholesale website redesign a more cost-effective option than trying to rescue a bad design.

Website Design: Chess Health
Modern, responsive website design for your professional organization.
View the Website Design portfolio below.

Why Website Design Experience Is Required

There is little else in design that rivals the complexity of a website project.

Website design bring together skills used in all parts of graphic design. There are strong corporate identity considerations. You’re working in the digital design realm which adds its own set of check boxes. Websites include multiple instances of graphical elements design, such as icon sets, photo, and infographics

Add to that these and other website-specific considerations:

• Coding
• Responsiveness
• Viewing Devices Differences
• Browser Differences
• SSL Security
• Search Engine Optimization
• Analytics
• Tracking
• Video
• Hosting
• Maintenance
• Web Visibility
• Internal and External Linking
• Forms
• Animation
• Dynamic Elements
• Styling
• and on and on

Still, Obviously Websites Are Still Worth Your Investment

It’s not difficult to see the complexity so it’s not difficult to see the need to invest wisely in a design company that can handle the complexity at all levels—from concepting and wireframing, to design and development, to publication and all of your site’s ongoing edits, updates, and modifications.

Company Man Design has nearly 20 years of experience designing, building, and promoting websites of all degrees of complexity, for all sizes of clients in a wide range of industries.

Verically-Integrated Website Design

There is no substitute for keeping your look and feel consistent with all other aspects of your designed/branded presence in the marketplace than relying on one company—especially one who has created your corporate identity—to artfully and tastefully design, custom develop, maintain, and host your corporate website design and development. It is the definition of a good investment. Contact Company Man Design today to get started with your new or facelift website design.

FREE Website Evaluation

I always offer a free, comprehensive evaluation of your current website, complete with good and bad news, suggestions for improvements, warnings about possible vulnerabilities, and more. And I’m never afraid to tell you that your site (or any part of it) is perfect the way it is. Full disclosure: I will seldom have suggestions for improvement, but my promise to you is that I will never solicit from you any unnecessary work.

So, at this point, you can contact me for that evaluation; contact me to get started discussing your website design or redesign; or continue down the page for more website design examples.


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